recycling old work for new

I am pretty sure that most artists will admit to #recycling work. This is one of mine.

I had been experimenting with oil and cold wax medium during the winter and had a few panels that were incomplete and just hanging around. They had interesting surfaces, as one of the attractive qualities of using that medium is that you can carve into it, to reveal the layers below.

In order to recycle such panels they need to be thoroughly dry and then sealed with gesso, otherwise any non oil based paints would simply peel away.

This #painting was already quite dark and there was interesting kind of eye shape in it, which reminded me of #midcentury design. I feel the wave just grew on the left of the painting and once I saw that I knew I was dealing with a #storm.

A metaphor for #Covid perhaps, but it could equally be the journey with my voice loss. I am not going to define it completely, I just hope the end is as near as that hopeful sunshine suggests

The painting in situ and as it is framed

Whatever happens in my studio, or wherever else I create, I shall write about it here on my #blog so you can join me on the journey if you wish by subscribing, or following me on social media.

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