About Gail

Gail Curry Artist


I am a mixed media artist working in the North East of England, with a studio in my home town of North Shields.

I changed my career in 2014 to become an artist to help me heal from some traumatic events in my life. Prior to that I had had careers in social work and photography

I began working with fibre and felt, added paper mache in 2015 and began to paint in 2017.

When I began to paint I rebelled against what I had been so badly taught at school. Ignoring brushes, colour wheels and all of that other rule laden paraphernalia, instead creating what felt right for me, intuitively in abstract using what ever I had to hand as tools. Brushes were not adopted until 2021.

In 2018 I lost my speech following a violent mugging. My painting developed into an alternative means of communication for me, not just with others but also with myself, as a richer more colourful form of inner dialogue.

As time has passed I still draw inspiration and create work based on my experience and feelings but I don’t limit myself to that. I love the natural world too and will seek opportunities to observe and embrace that.

A change of studio in August 2021 brought me to my current second home, the west wing of Pearey House, a centre for the visually impaired, nestled in Preston Park in North Shields. It is a very inspiring and restful place, where my view is one of wooded parkland and all the associated natural wildlife, some of whom I now know on first name terms.

When not creating in my studio I am managing my social enterprise Happy Planet, a multi award winning gift shop supporting local artists. I am also a passionate advocate of the benefits of embracing creativity for the purpose of maintaining, supporting, promoting good mental health and well being. I have set myself the task of creating a community art centre in North Tyneside, through the creation of a new charity, Tyne Arts North.

“I loved seeing Gail’s ‘Just another day’ online exhibition and decided it would be a fitting way to spend my lockdown birthday money. The hardest part was deciding which painting to buy…I am indecisive at the best of times! After a lot of umming and ahhhing I chose 30th April as I loved the gold leaf, feel like it is a glimmer / shimmer of hope. Thank you Gail for an original piece of art that will always remind me of the strange times of 2020..”
Becky Rowe
Tyne & Wear