Time on my Hands – 2021

Time on my Hands

An exhibition of creative reflections of #lockdown

As an artist I used my creativity to help me manage my mental health during lockdown, as a well as to create items that helped me to reflect on the time I spent alone. I chose to create a series of clocks to represent my experience, as time seemed very central to my isolation.

Some of the time was easy to enjoy, a lot of it was not. I began to think of others experiences and how they might represent their lockdown.

Given that I don’t have speech, conversations can be very tricky things, so I have decided instead of trying to use speech and technology, I should use the universal language of art to share our experience in North Tyneside.

I invited the community to submit their own creative works to share their experience of lockdown.

The exhibition showed the chosen works of 35 local people, representing a broad range of ages, experiences and creative mediums.