Celebrating Seasons Exhibition – 2022

Celebrating Seasons

The first community art exhibition I organised, Time on My Hands’, featured participants’ creative reflections of lockdown. The show was something of an emotional roller coaster, featuring and inviting viewers to both feel and reflect on the impact of the pandemic at a personal level.

This year I wanted to create something where we could celebrate together, after the extended winter of Covid. I was inspired to choose ‘Seasons’ as I always look forward to spring. My new studio overlooks wooded parkland, so I had been able to watch how nature changed and the season progressed from spring through to winter.

However for the purposes of this exhibition I threw the net wider to consider other seasons that people might enjoy, such as the football or cricket season along with suggestions of others and invited the community to share their creative celebrations of their favourites.

The response was fabulous, with a wide range of mediums used and an even broader list of seasons represented.