This is my final post of the year, as it’s getting close to holiday time. For me to choose my highlights of 2021 was very simple, The first one was Time on my hands’ and everyone who joined me in that community exhibition, whether as an artist or as a visitor or invigilator. It was a phenomenal success made possible by all of the above.

My second favourite moment was finding my new studio. Having a creative space where I can relax and immerse myself in the creative process is so important to me as an artist and as someone with a mental health condition. I walk in that room, I put the kettle on and the radio and I look into the woods to see what the creatures are up to and any stress or anxiety just floats away and is replaced by creative energy.

I am taking an extended break until February. Part of that time will I am sure be spent in the studio developing my enchanted woodland theme. I haven’t used water colours much at all as a painter but I got the urge to give them a try and have produced the painting you see here of the elf and toad.

There are various other creatures in production at the moment, some in paper mache and some in felt and some will use both. I don’t believe I need to limit myself in any way to create. I will simply use the mediums I feel best achieve what I want to make.
The second painting is an oil and extends the series I have been creating of the birds that entertain me from my window. The crows and magpies are really interesting to watch while on the ground, as they strut about looking for mischief. Both birds feature in works in progress, so you may see them in other forms next year.

I wish everyone a peaceful happy Christmas and safe and healthy New Year.

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