I have been harassed all though my holiday by Facebook, reminding me that I haven’t posted for a while. My problem is I prefer to get on with making and painting, Facebook is not my priority and especially so when I am on holiday.

However, as it’s now February and I am officially back at work, I thought I would share some of the things I have been doing.

I took materials with me to the Lake District but didn’t use them much, I just couldn’t quite motivate myself, but given I was exhausted I didn’t give myself a hard time.

Instead I picked up my camera, as I was blessed with wonderful weather for the most part.

I started every morning by feeding the birds in the cottage garden and then spending a quiet hour with a cup of coffee capturing my entertaining little guests.
The local birds learned of this new feeding station as the variety increased daily.
I wasn’t sure what I would do with the photos at first but having returned home I decided to challenge myself to paint them with watercolours.

My usual painting style is pretty energetic, heavy handed and loose, so using tiny brushes and watercolour really was/is a challenge. However it is also immensely calming and that is good for me. I am enjoying learning a new technique and working on small pieces.

The photo shows the first finished work, a woodpecker who came for breakfast and I also have them as visitors in the grounds of my studio.

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