I have now been painting for six years and have reached the point where I can’t remember what I have painted, what I have sold and what is available as a print. I could be boring and create a spreadsheet or I could create a really lovely colourful catalogue. I decided to create the catalogue, as this could also be a great way to share my work with galleries or individuals, as well as keeping me organised.

Originally I thought the catalogue would take four or five days to create. However that needed to be seriously recalibrated, as I discovered painting after painting I had forgotten about. It actually took me almost four weeks to create the book, mainly due to all of the information I had to gather, such as photographs, measurements and other details. I also had to find a few paintings

Eventually the first proof was printed to see if I was happy with the look and feel of it. Mistakes were corrected, photographs re-edited and rooms illustrating some of the paintings in situ were added.

It took a further series of edits, 4 proofs and a few weeks before I was happy to go ahead and order the finished items.

I am hoping it will make my approaches to galleries to stock or exhibit my work see that I take my work seriously. For individual customers I think having all of my work in a nice booklet will make choosing a piece of art a much more relaxed act, as you can do it at your own pace, without a screen or Wifi.

The catalogue will cost £10 but if you purchase a print or an original work I will refund the catalogue cost.

My intention is to update the catalogue each year, so it becomes an archive as well as a sales brochure.

They will be available from Wild And Free Gallery from June 26th. If you need to purchase by post drop me an email.

Gail Curry


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