Golden sunset Lindisfarne


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Northern Skies Series

This series was painted in the summer of 2022 following and evening drive up the Northumberland coast and a very late night on Holy Island. I didn’t sketch or photograph anything, I just wait for the parts that captivated me the most to reappear in my studio.

Golden sunset Lindisfarne

I often go late in the day to Lindisfarne, partly to avoid the crowds but partly because I love looking landward to watch the sun set over Northumberland. This is one that really stuck in my mind during the early summer with fiery colours. It sent me on a bit of journey in thought wondering if ancient artists such as those responsible for illuminating the Lindisfarne Gospels ever watched this same scene? I decided to illuminate my sunset with some gold leaf wisps of cloud as nod to those ancient creatives.

Size 27 x 9 including the mount.

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A high quality giclee print hand finished with gold leaf is available ready mounted. Price £148

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